Investigating the Plantation

The Weems Planation was built by Thomas Dixon Weems in 1848.  It has history as the largest plantation in the area and was most likely used as a Civil War hospital during wartime.   

The homeowner (now has become a member of the team) contacted Judy shortly after purchasing the home and starting restoration.  Claims of footsteps, furniture dragging, black shadows and even a full bodied apparition warranted a serious investigation.

The homeowners loved the property, but felt too scared to actually move in and asked Judy for help identifying what might be lingering.  After a few investigations, Judy found herself getting too close to the case and contacted her good friend Jason Hawes for help.   Jason and his team investigated over a week‘s time and captured some incredible evidence of an intelligent haunting.

Front of the house

Night vision image of the front of the house

Night vision shot of the front of the house taken by Tango.

The History


Before the arriving at the house, Judy met Jason, Steve and Tango in the town square McDonough, GA.  They discussed the history of the area as well as the plantation itself.

The Ride

On the way to the home, Judy and the guys discuss some activity the homeowners have experienced.

On the way to the house, Judy discusses some of the activity the homeowners have experienced along with more history of the home and surrounding land.

The Arrival


Judy, Jason, Steve and Dave arrive at the home and meet the homeowner and her mother.

Sharing Their Experiences


The Investigation


Following are some photos of the investigation.

The investigators

Jason Hawes


Stephen Gonsalves


Dave Tango


Judy LaChance (Kemme)