From the reason we see things out of the corner of our eye to the difference between residual and intelligent hauntings.   Effigy Paranormal has our own ideas.  Following you will find a few theories we have developed through our search for the truth behind the paranormal.

Corner of our eye


The reason we see things out of the corner of our eye and they seem to disappear once we look straight at them may have to do with the anatomy and photoreceptors in our eyes.  Click here to find out more.


Stone Tape Theory


The Stone Tape theory is the speculation that ghosts and hauntings are analogous to tape recordings, and that mental impressions during emotional or traumatic events can be projected in the form of energy, "recorded" onto rocks and other items and "replayed" under certain conditions. 



Parapsychology is the study of alleged psychic phenomena (extrasensory-perception, as in telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokenesis a.k.a. telekinesis, and psychometry) and other paranormal claims.  It is considered to be pseudoscience by a vast majority of mainstream scientists, in part because, in addition to a lack of replicable empirical evidence, parapsychological claims simply cannot be true "unless the rest of science isn't.

Table Tipping


Table-turning (also known as table-tapping, table-tipping or table-tilting) is a type of seance in which participants sit around a table, place their hands on it, and wait for rotations. The table was purportedly made to serve as a means of communicating with the spirits; the alphabet would be slowly called over and the table would tilt at the appropriate letter, thus spelling out words and sentences. The process is similar to that of an Ouija board. Scientists and skeptics consider table-turning to be the result of the ideomotor effect, or conscious trickery.

Ouija Board


An ouija board is a device used to communicate with "the other side".  It consists of a board with all of the letters of the alphabet along with the digits 0–9 and short words like "yes", "no" and "bye". It also has a pointer of some sort, either a triangle or a magnifying glass, that passes easily over the board; this is known as a planchette. According to believers, once everyone has a hand on the pointer, then the spirits will move it over the letters to answer questions asked by the group. 

Residual Haunting


Energy from a traumatic event is trapped in an object at the location.
When environmental circumstances are correct, the energy replays a certain aspect of the traumatic event.
This type of activity is either present in location already or will occur when someone buys an Antique or brings an object into home that the energy is connected to. 

*TAPS website

Intelligent Haunting


The spirit of a once living human, complete with personality and understanding.  The activity reacts to changes in the environment. Meaning if you decide to move your furniture around, It can see and realize that.
It can and will change its movements to walk by the furniture instead of walking through.  The activity can interact with the environment. Known for moving small objects, Picture frames, Glasses, Papers, Coffee mugs, Etc.  Communication can be made

*TAPS website

Psychic vs Medium


Psychics (also known as intuitives) receive messages from Universal Energy, what some people call the quantum field, which includes your personal aura (energy). This ability is best used for guidance around life issues and direction.

Mediums (often called psychic mediums because they are both psychic and mediumistic) receive messages from spirits, including our deceased loved ones and our spirit guides, ascended masters, and angels. Their ability is best for spirit communication.
It is often said that all mediums are psychics (meaning that they have both abilities).

by Bob Olson, Best Psychic Directory 



Within ghost hunting and parapsychology, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded. Parapsychologist Konstanstins Raudive, who popularized the idea in the 1970s, described EVP as typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase.



Smudging is a symbolic exercise found in feng shui practice, many Native American traditions, and alternative healing practices. It involves burning selected herbs or other materials in a manner that fills the home or other space with the fragrance of the smoke, and it is thought to clear negative energy. Smudging can sound a bit intimidating to beginners and may seem unsafe or complicated, but in reality, it is quite easy and completely safe when you follow some simple steps.



A demon is a supernatural and often malevolent being prevalent historically in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, mythology, and folklore; as well as in media such as comics, videogames, movies and television series. The original Greek word daimon does not carry negative connotations. 

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