Weems Plantation

Investigation Tours

COMING SOON Not your average ghost tour! Experience a real paranormal investigation headed up by the team at Effigy Paranormal. Tours include use of some of our equipment and a written investigation report as well as any evidence captured during your tour. If you're brave enough, you can even spend the night!

Blood Stains


Blood stains on the floor in this room have been confirmed by an historian to be the exact pattern as in surgical procedures having been performed, most likely on a door, during the Civil War era.

Slave’s Boots?


These boots were found inside the wall during renovations.  Thought to be boots belonging to a slave that was either working on the plantation or involved in building the house, they have been the center of  documented activity.

In the Closet


The closet in the Birth and Death room has been the center of any negative energy on site.  Hand written and still visible are records from the 1800’s

Upstairs Bathroom


Although not original to the home, this claw foot tub was owned by a woman collector.  It has been reported that she has been seen standing nude next to the tub!

Main living area


This room is adjacent to the Birth and Death room and is Effigy Paranormal‘s favorite area!  Rife with activity and documented evidence, it is also the room we captured the ”wailing woman” EVP.

Slave Cabin


Aside From Sally Mae’s main cabin, there are 2 structures still standing that were said to housing for slaves and their family.



Looking up at the ceiling in the entryway, you will see a hole surrounded by smaller holes.  Historic documentation confirms General Sherman stood in this entryway and fired a shot into the ceiling.

Slave cabin lock?


This item was found in the field behind the homestead where it is said many slave cabins were situated.  It appears to be a lock possibly from one of the cabins or Blacksmith shop located on the property.

Front Porch


Footsteps have been heard and documented on several occasions as well as figures pacing back and forth dressed in Civil War era uniforms.

Weems Family Cemetery


Several generations of Weems have been born, died, and now haunt this beautiful home.  Family plots are still located on what was the original 4,000 acre property.

Sallie Mae House


Original quarters for Sallie Mae, now buried with the only headstone in the slave cemetery located on the original propert.

Weems Slave Cemetery


The largest slave cemetery in the US.  Over 100 souls buried in unmarked graves.  

*A portion of the proceeds from every tour go toward the fund to restore this cemetery and give respect to those buried there