Private Residence - Rome, NY

Back in 2010/12 Judy came out of retirement st the time to help my family & I for a nasty haunting we were living in. From the children playing with toys to the demonic entity’s & everything in between. Physical attack’s on us . It got to be to much and after having 2 sets of paranormal teams in the house plus the house being anointed it still continued, Judy was able to “tap” into the energy at our home.My phone would go off and it would Judy asking what happened or this is about to happen and she was RIGHT every time. She truly truly saved my family and myself from more then what had already happened.. Judy was also able to locate the port hole in the basement they were using as a gateway in and out..You see so many paranormal shows on TV but if you truly want and need help from one of the BEST in the world Judy is your gal.. She has an awesome heart is very understanding and caring and will truly help to rid Your Home of your unwanted guest.. I can go on and on raving about her and her skill powers and abilities to truly help.

Thank you Angela.  It was my pleasure to help. 

This was one of the most challenging cases to date.  The energy in this home was very strong and the main presence was most definitely evil in nature.  

More coming soon.....