All investigations are conducted free of charge and on a completely anonymous basis.  Written permission will be sought for any private home investigation to be published on our site.  All private locations will remain as an undisclosed location if published.

All sites investigated will receive a copy of the investigation report including any photos/video/EVP or other evidence gathered.


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Current data being collected from Chickamauga Battlefield.  Results will be posted once we have analyzed it. 

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handful of Our investigations

Quarantine Station-Manley, NSW Australia

White Horse Inn, Berrima, NSW Australia

Berrima Courthouse-Berrima, NSW Australia

Maitland Gaol,-East Maitland, NSW Australia

Beechwood Lunatic Asylum-Beechwood, Victoria Australia

Picton Tunnel-Picton, NSW Australia

Monte Cristo Homestead-Junee, NSW Australia

Gettysburg Battlefield-Gettysburg, PA USA

Andersonville Prison-Andersonville, GA USA

Springer Opera House-Columbus, GA USA

Civil War Naval Museum-Columbus, GA

Rolling Hills Asylum-East Bethany, NY USA

Public Library-NYC, NY USA

Bruggen Castle-Bruugen, West Germany

Pagan Ritual SIte-Germany

St. Mary's Guildhall-Coventry, UK

Elvira the Haunted Hearse-Sydney, Australia

Catacombs of Paris-Paris, France

The Flask-London, UK

Bobby Mackeys-Wilder, Kentucky USA

Oriskany Battlefield-Rome, NY USA

Fort Stanwix-Rome, NY USA

Hulbert House-Booneville, NY USA

Private Residence-Rome, NY USA

Ledda the Haunted Marionette-Wagga Wagga, NSW Australia



NEVER trespass on private property.  Effigy Paranormal and its subsidiaries always have written permission from the proper individual(s) to enter any site.

We know you want to know...Where is the most haunted location we have visited?

By far, the Berrima Courthouse located in Berrima NSW Australia is the most tangibly active location I have experienced in the 30 years I have been investigating the paranormal.  This site produced the full gamete of every type of activity I have ever recorded all in one small courthouse located in an obscure town in Australia.  Built in 1836, the courthouse is now a museum and sits directly across from the original gaol which is still in operation today.  This site has produced class A EVPs, video and photographic evidence, tangible sounds and activity, full bodied apparitions and even what I can only explain as a possession with one of my team members.

The main entity haunting this building was Australia's most prolific serial killer, John Lynch, who was tried and convicted at the courthouse.  He was later hung at the back of the gaol right across the street.  This entity took me WAY out of my comfort zone by accomplishing feats that I would never have believed if I had not seen and experienced them myself.  He affected my life in ways I prefer not to elaborate on and it took me actually leaving the country for his impact to finally wain.

From doors slamming, voice and footsteps, objects flying across the room, apparitions and even what I can only describe as intelligent communication through knocking noises...I can honestly say, Berrima Courthouse is the only site on my "Do not return" list.


Berrima Courthouse