Ghosts and Kids

When I was growing up there was no talk of ghosts and the paranormal.  I remember sneaking into my mother's bedroom while she had company and watching The Exorcist on her television intermittently covering my eyes and leaping from the bed into the living room so as not to touch the floor...just in case there was something under the bed that wanted to get me.  Nowadays the paranormal is main stream  and many children will want to watch the ghost shows on television which will not doubt spark questions.   Some parents believe in the spectral realm and some do not.  So, what do we do?  Do we just tell them there is no such thing?  Do we encourage the questions?  Following are excerpts from Ghost Village that will answer many of the questions you might have:

Following are a few books you might want to read.  We have included a link to purchase them on Amazon.

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