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Paranormal equipment can be found on various websites.  Following are our favorites.  Below you will also find links to used and hand made equipment as well as a few interesting items.

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Paranormal Equipment for Sale

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David Caltrider $50   plus shipping.




$73 MINI TESLA COILS HAND built in the USA, CUSTOM 3D printed enclosure.

$200 Custom built Spirit Box Enhancer hand built by me "Ghost Box Dave "Caltrider

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Haunted Scrying Mirror

My haunted witches scrying mirror that is approx 120 yrs old, the frame shows its age...I know it belonged to a dark witch as when i bought it for a shit ton of cash ($350 and they were asking $600 for it OBO) it came w a handwritten note from the original witch who owned it of a spell to conjure up a demon...i have since hid the spell from myself. it was there one day and gone the next, who knows, my guides might have taken to another dimension as they know I don't need that and I'm personally fine with it.

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Haunted Doll

Haunted doll Melinda and Susana 2 spirits in doll

Leitreanna Terry-Brown