About Us

Our Founder, Judy McDowell, has been researching and investigating the paranormal since 1985.  She has conducted hundreds of investigations in several countries around the world including (but not limited to) England, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Australia and of course the United States.  Judy has a scientific approach and more often than not is able to debunk activity as a natural occurrence.  However, there have also been countless situations of unexplainable phenomena.

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Our Story

Judy McDowell, Founder and Lead Investigator, began researching the paranormal after a personal experience in 1984.  The experience sparked a desire to find a natural explanation for what had occurred.  Her thirst for knowledge led to parapsychology classes and endless days, nights, weeks, months and years studying, researching and experimenting.

Judy has been told by several notable psychic mediums that although her mind is very logical, she is also a physical medium. Physical mediumship is rare and involves a form of phenomena whereby external spirit entities manipulate the energies and substances of a medium to form physical manifestations such as smells, hot or cold drafts, levitation, transfiguration, raps or knocks, direct voice communication, and physical apparitions.  This theory has been proven time and again during investigations.

Today, Judy is "semi-retired" and only accepts few invitations to investigate unless there are individuals in need of assistance.

Although Judy has been heavily involved with the media in the past including television, books, radio, newspaper, magazines, etc. (and even an International short film), she rarely accepts media invitations presently and is dedicated to helping families rid themselves of paranormal phenomenon.